Friday, February 27, 2015

More Retreat Pictures

It's difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that these were taken a week ago.
Where does the time go?
Gosh - I haven't even caught up on sleep yet!

Julie just sent me more pictures and I couldn't resist sharing
to prove we really do have a great time retreating.

First up is me having a midnight snack.
No, I didn't eat the entire bag myself ... I shared with Donna!

Kim and I having "a moment."
No alcoholic beverages were involved, just so you know. 

I've never done a photo bomb before
and I just couldn't resist.
Sorry for hiding your face, Kim!
Malinda in red, Danielle in grey and Stacy in pink.

 This always amazes me.
We sit with a camera at our workstation all weekend long.
When do we get the idea to take a picture?
as people are leaving.
Crazy, isn't it?
Julie's in purple, Donna's in the raincoat with a pink vest peeking out,
Stephanie's wearing aqua and Stacy's in pink.

Next time out there, I promise to take pictures during the weekend
and not just at the end.

Remember one thing:  YOU matter.  See you next time!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shame on me ...

If you were looking for me last weekend,
I was at Whitworth Ranch.
This is always such a treat for me.
It's a lot of work packing up and getting my projects all lined up
(not to mention unpacking when I get home)
but it's something I love to do.
Where does the "shame on me" come into play?
I accomplished so little on this trip.
I'm not sure why - but my productivity was way down compared to other retreats.
Here's a few cards I can share:
YES! There are people that still send thank you cards.
We had a lot of laughs and comments over the image on this card.
Everybody called them "the spooky girls" but I think they're swet.

I did make some things other than just these four cards,
but like I said ...
my productivity was way down. 
I met several people
and one was Kim Zapalac, my first featured guest.
Danielle Davis and Malinda Holley
arrived later than the rest of us but we didn't skip a beat.
It's always so much fun to share stories and ideas with new friends.
(left to right: Danielle, Kim and Malinda)
Donna Curtis and Stephanie Budsberg (mother and daughter)
were there for their first time.
Since they shared a room with Julie Watkins and me
we hope we didn't scare them off.
The four of us had such a good time.
See what I mean about scaring them off?
Here's Julie posing at the ironing board.
I wish I could share what Julie worked on all weekend.
When it's completed, I promise I will.
She's making THE MOST BEAUTIFUL christening dress for her granddaughter.
I can't wait to see it.
Gosh - I just finished unpacking and putting everything away
and next week I have to do it all over again.
And then just seven weeks later I'll be back out there.
Shucks - isn't that just awful?
Somebody has to do it, right?

Some time between now and then
I'm planning to feature myself as a Featured Guest.
People have been asking me so I guess I'll share, too.
I can't expect others to spill their guts if I'm not willing to do the same, right?
I've also got a couple of others lined up as well.

Remember one thing:  YOU matter.  See you next time!