Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mini Album

... with my friend, Julie.
It all started a couple of years ago
when I invited her to retreat with me.
Since then, we've had some great times.
Julie's always behind the camera
but I always have mine with me, too.
Now she has pictures of herself.
I put this together for her birthday.
(She loved it!!!)
John's cows play a large part in our stay
and you will see them on several of the pages,
including this cover.
Do you hear them??????
"Mooooooo" ... or is it "Sueeeeee?"
Oops - late at night,
she tripped and fell on the cement steps.
Can you just say "ouch!?!"
Look at the black and blue chin.

See the coat hanger?
It's holding a secret picture that's hiding under Julie's picture.
Can't share it here but wanted to make sure Julie never forgets!
It was a chilly day but that sunshine was so inviting!
We ate our lunch at the picnic table and caught some of those rays.
Another fun weekend.
Christmas gifts were exchanged
and lots of food was eaten.
Oh boy ... what a weekend!
We certainly had a wonderful time.
Typically, when the person is ready to take the picture,
he/she will say, "SAY CHEESE."
Nope - not this time.
Do you remember what was said?
No, the cow wasn't up on the porch as Julie ate her breakfast.
But it wasn't very far away.
Oh my ... was that loaf of bread ever delicious that Julie made.
Such a fun weekend
meeting new friends.
This was the beginning of the christening dress
Julie made for her granddaughter.
AND ... it took first place in the Texas State Fair.

Planning party ...
for Serendipi-TEA
Relaxing after dinner.
It's moments like this that make retreating so much fun.
Or is it moments like this
with a bottle of hooch on your bedside table?