Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This is how we rolled last weekend

What a great weekend!
Thank you, Paper Cowgirls, for including me.
It took a little rearranging,
but we were able to squeeze 15 crafty souls into the large craft room.
It was a tight fit but cozy and fun.
We worked our fingers to the bone.
In between eating, that is!
The enchiladas were out of this world.
I was too full to try the potato soup but I hear it was delicious.
What fun to work on round robin journals and tags.
And, of course, some cow time!
Soon.  Very soon, we'll be featuring a few of the Paper Cowgirls.
Don't stray too far because you don't want to miss a beat.

Remember one thing:  YOU matter.  See you next time.

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