Friday, May 15, 2015


May I just say "what a magical event?"
We were able to sneak in this wonderful art retreat before the rains,
storms, tornadoes, flooding and all around bad weather here in our area.
The sun was shining and the stars aligned themselves perfectly.
It all began on Wednesday when guests began to arrive.
Nine guests from Florida.
One from Kansas.
One from Indiana.
One from North Carolina.
Six from Texas.
They all trickled in.
Old friends hugged and new friends were made.
The theme for the weekend was Downton Abby.
The food.
The clothing.
The projects
The meals.
We had gluten free, cinnamon free and pepper free.
But certainly not calorie free.
Tell me - how did I lose a half a pound then?
The craft room was transformed into this:
Thank you, Marie Whitworth, for all of your hard work in making these beautiful table coverings.
I watched as the guests came in one-by-one.
They all gasped at the settings.
No stones were left unturned.
Everything was perfect.
Early Thursday morning, the crew left to go junkin' for their treasures.
So much had to be shipped home - they bought that much!
Here's Randy Nathan and Karen Hillman.
Stacy, Jammie and Julie Treadwell and Karen Hillman
ready to fill their carts with Canton treasures.
Cassandra Vancuren and Molly Knox. 
Friday morning they all headed out again - this time for downtown Waxahachie.
They shopped, they antiqued and they lunched.
Squeezed in were some fabulous projects!!!
Our own Cassandra designed Milady's Handbag for us to work on.
The makings for this handbag were presented to us
in this beautiful handmade fabric envelope.

Here are a few versions.
Once everybody got started, there was no stopping them.
Aren't they just gorgeous?
Thank you, Cassandra, for gifting me with a finished handbag!
Somehow, you just know I wasn't able to make one!
You're the sweetest!
Molly designed Milady's Choker.
The fixings were packaged so sweetly in this darling little box
all tied together with lace and seam binding.
Just beautiful! 
Stacy is wearing the choker that Molly gifted her.
She was so busy in the kitchen, there was just no time to sit and make one.
Lisa Lavalle working on her project.
Friday night, keeping with the theme of the event
fish and chips and mushy peas were served pool-side.
Absolutely DELICIOUS.
Downton Abby style high tea luncheon - another delicious meal.
Everybody was dressed period style.
What beauties!!!!!

Sissy Mansell, me and Karla Nathan. 

Sisters, Julie and Jammie Treadwell.
Mr. Randy certainly looked quite dapper
in his white linen outfit.


Sonia Crouse from Creating Vintage Charm magazine
and Regina Brodbeck. 

Molly Knox, Lisa Phillippi and Karla Nathan.

Cucumber sandwiches
and sparkling berry lemon chiffon.

Just look at these beautiful apple rosettes that Julie Watkins made.
They were better than the best apple pie I'd ever eaten!
Linda Postma striking a pose.
She looked like she belonged on Downton Abby.

Jammie Treadwell and Katie Fairchild.
Karla just resting after a delicious meal.

Looks like the pool got to be a little tempting!

Guests were summoned to Saturday's formal dinner by Sarah Hemphill.
These centerpieces were made by Julie Watkins, Stacy and Valerie Jackson.
You can read all about it here.
We sure had a great time!

Keepsake Serendipi-TEA napkins were embroidered by Julie Watkins.

Shepherd's pie, salad, rolls, green beans and many delicious desserts to choose from.
The cake pops were made for us by Patty Bassham.
Just perfect with those shiny and elegant holders.

  Linda Postma made her beautiful headpiece for the event.
 Isn't it gorgeous?
Champagne Jell-O.
They looked so festive under the full moon.
Oh - and the chocolate pudding was a hit as well.
Molly, me and Julie Watkins.
All I can say is "thank you" ...
Thank you, Stacy and Karen, for inviting me.
It was an art event I will remember and cherish forever.
Remember one thing:  you matter.  See you next time.


  1. That does look fantastic. Everything was so pretty. Including the food. I'm not sure I know about Downtown Abby. Is it a song? A movie? A TV show? Seems I've heard reference to it somewhere but can't remember where. Glad you are wearing sunglasses. If I could tell your generation anything, it would be to always, always wear sun glasses.

  2. OMG! What a fun looking event! I'm totally jealous!